Your journey

As a life planner, my work is all about the process. It’s about taking you on a journey to bring focus to what it is you truly want.

As part of that journey, we’ll go through a three-stage advice process, designed to open your eyes to what’s possible and set you on the right course for achieving your goals. Here’s how it works.

1. The Life Planning Stage

This initial phase is all about getting to know you and your aspirations. Over two to three meetings, we’ll put together the pieces of the future life you want to live – whether it’s early retirement, going on that trip of a lifetime or taking on that special project you’ve always had your eye on.

The finished product at the end of this stage will be a tangible life plan you can use to work towards. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the value of what we’ve produced, our Quality Guarantee means that you won’t be expected to pay for it. It’s just the fair thing to do.

2. The Review Stage

If you’re happy to carry on and with your goals in place, we’ll move on to the second stage in the process – Review. Here we’ll take a look at your current financial arrangements and see whether they’re fit for purpose when it comes to successfully delivering your life plan.

We’ll then produce a report detailing our recommendations – these will be displayed on a menu basis. You’re free to stop the process now if you wish or you can stick with us into the third and final stage.

3. The Aspirational Stage

We like to work with our clients on an ongoing basis, forming long-term relationships that will set you up for continued success. The Aspirational Stage involves an open-ended contract, where every year we’ll revisit your life plan and your arrangements to make sure you’re still on track for achieving your goals.

There are no obligations here. If your circumstances change or you reach a point where you feel you’ve gotten all you need out of our relationship, you can cancel at any time.


Our clients

"Darren regularly manages to convince me that we aren’t about to run out of cash and can afford to do the things we want to."

Martin & Anna McMinn

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"Darren has encouraged us to go for our dreams and always has this in mind with his continuing advice."

Clare Wolage & Alan Hart

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"Darren’s steady guidance has ensured that my funds are well-managed."

Jon & Jayne Pepper

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"Reliable, trustworthy, pragmatic and a great listener. What more could you want?"

Rick & Gilly Craft

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