Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is driven, first and foremost, by one overriding belief: your investments only need to help you achieve your aims and objectives. It doesn’t matter whether you beat the markets, an industry benchmark or even other investments. It only matters that your investments get you nearer to your end goal.

Focused on simplicity

We keep our investment solutions as simple as possible. For the vast majority of clients, we believe simple solutions are all that’s needed – there’s no need to overcomplicate. We do not need to stroke our egos. We’re not trying to prove we are Masters of the Universe. We are only concerned with helping you live a better life.

In any case, we are strongly of the belief that the best investment is not necessarily the one that makes you the most money. It’s the one that gives you the peace of mind to sleep soundly at night.

Value for money

We also endeavour to keep the cost of investing down to a minimum. Charges are a drain on your returns, and we would rather your investments support your lifestyle rather than someone else’s lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean we will always recommend the very cheapest. But for us to put forward a solution for your consideration, we need to be able to identify value for money at all times.

A different measure of success

Furthermore, in line with our general philosophy, we ask that you do not measure our success by how much money we make you, but rather whether you have been able to make decisions you wouldn’t have been able to make without us, provided you with peace of mind and contributed to your general happiness and wellbeing.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.


Our clients

"Darren regularly manages to convince me that we aren’t about to run out of cash and can afford to do the things we want to."

Martin & Anna McMinn

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"Darren has encouraged us to go for our dreams and always has this in mind with his continuing advice."

Clare Wolage & Alan Hart

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"Darren’s steady guidance has ensured that my funds are well-managed."

Jon & Jayne Pepper

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"Reliable, trustworthy, pragmatic and a great listener. What more could you want?"

Rick & Gilly Craft

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