"Darren regularly manages to convince me that we aren’t about to run out of cash and can afford to do the things we want to."

Martin & Anna McMinn

Airline Pilot

We transferred my Final Salary pension from the airline I worked for into a SIPP several years ago. We used a small, local firm, later graduating to a large city institution. We can testify that large doesn’t mean efficient; quite the opposite and very expensive.

Approaching retirement and in search of an alternative, I attended one of Darren’s presentations. Darren’s immense knowledge of the pension and life planning industry was obvious and impressive. This prompted the decision for Darren to meet my wife and I in our home. As a result, we moved our SIPP to Darren’s auspices.

We’ve used his services for several years and enjoy an excellent working relationship. Darren is always on top of his brief and how he remembers the details of all his client’s lives is amazing.

"Darren has encouraged us to go for our dreams and always has this in mind with his continuing advice."

Clare Wolage & Alan Hart

Senior Executive/Airline Pilot

We first approached Darren in early 2017 to discuss our retirement planning, as several important decisions needed to be made.

A thorough analysis of all our financial arrangements was undertaken. During these discussions, we never felt rushed or pressured. Complexities were explained in clear, plain English and a plan put into action. This was practical, uncomplicated and gave us the confidence to go for it!

Darren has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and shows a genuine interest in achieving the best for us.

"Darren’s steady guidance has ensured that my funds are well-managed."

Jon & Jayne Pepper

Airline Pilot

I had dealings with BFS over the years, so in 2008 I called Darren Williams to discuss my situation. His calm, sober manner was in complete contrast to my existing IFA. After a period of reflection, I decided to appoint Darren as my IFA through BFS. I’ve had no reason whatsoever to regret that move in almost 12 years of working together.

Now, during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, BFS is soon to close. Fortunately, Darren is starting his own consultancy. I am more than happy to migrate to his new company, confident that his expertise and experience will continue to provide the best investment guidance for my funds. As I’m now retired, prudent financial planning is essential for the future.

I have full confidence in Darren.

"Reliable, trustworthy, pragmatic and a great listener. What more could you want?"

Rick & Gilly Craft

Airline Pilot/Senior Executive

Some five years ago, I first met Darren when considering my pension options specifically whether to take out a SIPP. He gave me all the information we needed and then gave us the time and space to come to a decision. He was not looking for the quick sell; he was looking towards the long term.

We made the right decision in choosing to put our trust in Darren. He has consistently managed the investments well and clearly, has a massive knowledge of pensions and the market.

What makes Darren different from so many other financial advisers is that he listens. His outlook is to always understand our lifestyle wishes and the core of his ability is to match those to our financial needs.