What is a Life Planner?

If you’re used to dealing with financial advisers, the term ‘Life Planner’ might seem a bit out there. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s someone who dishes out yoga tips and healthy eating advice, but the reality is far from it! So what is a Life Planner, anyway?

Well, we are freedom fighters. We help people live their lives (and we mean TRULY live their lives) in retirement, without the fear of ever running out of money or having feelings of regret.

We are of the firm belief that financial planning done well is not really about the money. In itself, money is worthless. It is simply a means of exchange. Good financial planning is about YOU. The life you want to live. The dreams you want to fulfil. The person you want to be. The legacy you wish to leave.

Guiding you to your life goals

We see our role on that journey as a guide, coach, motivator, source of inspiration and maybe, more importantly, a friend.

We aim to help you work out what you truly want out of life and then arrange your finances in such a way that you not only have the courage to face the world head-on, but also the peace of mind and confidence to grab hold of the opportunities that open up before you.

The retirement you deserve

Retirement should be more than simply stopping work. Retirement should be about financial freedom. The option to say no. The option for YOU to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it and with whom.

So let us be your escape committee. Let’s put your life plan in place and let’s get you on the road to success.


Our clients

"Darren regularly manages to convince me that we aren’t about to run out of cash and can afford to do the things we want to."

Martin & Anna McMinn

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"Darren has encouraged us to go for our dreams and always has this in mind with his continuing advice."

Clare Wolage & Alan Hart

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"Darren’s steady guidance has ensured that my funds are well-managed."

Jon & Jayne Pepper

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"Reliable, trustworthy, pragmatic and a great listener. What more could you want?"

Rick & Gilly Craft

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